Video Door Phone

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Video Door-phone

Behinesaz welcomes you to the only video door phone repair professional center:

If your video door phone has warrantied by other companies you should contact them because this company would never interfere others.

video intercom
video intercom

With more than 10 years experiences Behinesaz is the only video door phone professional repair center. As you know most of the video door entry around Iran are Commax or other brands with same type,but customers don’t know who they can ask to fix their problem.

video door entry
video door entry

video door entry:

Behinesaz industries is the Commax assigns that you can trust it and let it to troubleshooting you video intercom doorbell as soon as possible.

You need to have professional skills to repair these Commax so you have to ask the assign to repair it not other repair shop.

video intercom
video intercom

Assign responsibility to repair video door-phone :

  • Camera repair
  • Coding panels repair
  • Analogue panel repair
  • B&W video door phone repair
  • Colored monitor repair
  • LCD boards repair
  • CRT boards repair
  • Nutrition board repair

All above points are true about Commax, Aldo, Suzuki, Hundai, video door entry and Iranian brands such as Simaran, Electropic, Taba.

video intercom
video intercom

Another services of Beinesaz industries is video door entry selling. You may ask that which brand is better and where you can buy that. Best consultant for your issue is assignee like Behinesaz because these assigns have knowledge about video door phone and know which brand is suitable for you need.

As mentioned before the best brand is Commax that made in Korea and Chinese Commax and other brands are in lower level of quality.


video intercom
video intercom

our services about video door entry:

This service group proudly declare that:

  • Any kind of video door entry sell and repair: Commax, Suzuki, Simaran, Aldo, Electropic, Taknama and esc.
  • Accurate installation by professional installers.
  • Any kind of video intercom selling in Tehran.
  • video door entry professional repair services like: Commax, Aldo, Electropic, Taknama and esc.
  • video door-phone devices because of using 220v electricity have sensitivity to strike, water corrosion, power sewing, misuses and wiring by unprofessional ones. So Behinesaz industries group by professional staffs can cover more than 90% issues fix and service.
  • Commax video intercom and similar ones like Aldo, Suzuki and esc.
  • Popular Iranian video phones: Electropic and Taba
  • Free consultation by specialist experts.
video door phone
video door phone

video intercom brands:

Available brands in Iran are: Commax, Aldo, Simaran, Suzuki, Colives, Hyundai, Cocam, electropic, taknama, taba, Samsung and many other brands thast useless for many reasons such as hamer, which were low quality or blocked in product.

Commax (Korean) was the first brand that imported to Iran that is high quality and best seller all around the world. Iranian brands like Aldo are copied their products shape and orbit system of Commax. But there are some brands that are creative such as Electropic and Taknama.

video intercom doorbell
video intercom doorbell


video intercom function:

Each video intercom made from some parts that we are going to mention them:

  1. Inner monitor
  2. External panel
  3. Wiring
  4. Switchers (single, central)
  5. 12V trans
  6. Lock opener

In now a days life by life and industry developing, people are interested in using various tools and make companies to produce high quality and various tools that many companies created to approach this need for example inner monitors are available from simple black and white 4 inches up to memorable touch pad monitors in 10 inches without headsets.

video intercom
video intercom


When you buy a video intercom consider that its material and brand, warranty and after sales services are very important.

Now mention some troubles and customers questions:

Most of the troubles are refer to feeding boards because that’s the main board and has to exchange 220v electricity power to 12v and send it over all other parts. It’s also should be change after some while and even power sewing may effect on their life time.


video door entry
video door entry

Some questions about video door phone intercom:

  1. If all users have same problem it means that external panel is broken
  2. Most of the panels should have 12v AC (+,-) that would stop working by power outage.
  3.  If all units ring bell together the problem is due to building wiring.
  4. If none of the units have the view problem may refer to camera or 4rth main wire.
video door entry
video door entry

Various video phone intercom installation:

Installation by central switcher (external) : this kind of installation is the best and most standard type of installation that number of wires are a lot and installer consider 4 wire for each unit and install to the central switcher on the external panel.

video intercom
video intercom

You should notice that to install a switcher there should be 4 free wire for each unit for example an 5th floored building must have at least 20 free wire. This installation usually applying in new built buildings.

Installation by single switcher (internal) : this installation apply when there are not enough wires to use a switcher and installation will done by 4 common ire and only one extra wire for each unit door bell and using a single switcher.

video intercom
video intercom

This kind of installation usually apply on old buildings which want to exchange their video phone to video door entry. This installation with common switcher for all units may have some troubles in future like ringing all units bell in same time.

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