building reconstruction

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Building Reconstruction

Welcome to the Behinehsaz manufacturing and service industries building reconstruction page:

Now by looking at the Behinesaz building reconstruction page you may consider that how can you trust any services group which could rebuild your home as you want and also consider about speed ,precision and quality of working.

We have to tell you choose the functor groups not contractors who use an operator for each part separately and he just be a supervisor himself.

This kind of working has disadvantages such as raising the cost up to 10-15%. But those who are functor themselves aware about the rebuilding details and can reconstruct your building easily without any extra costs as the right of monitor and enforce.

In the following:

Destruction of the wall, building wall, plastering and cement, plaster, plastering instruments.

Building view repair by composite, travertine, antique rock, brick and stone mix, Marbel and esc.

Building materials supplying and shipping such as brick, cement, plaster, ballast, pottery, block, W.C and radiators pipes and fittings, carry away.

W.C and bathroom wall and floor tiling in method of glue or white wash, roof top and field mosaic …

Converting Iranian toilet to loo and vice versa.


Another services:

W.C moisture elimination, roof top tarpaulin moisture elimination. Roof top and W.C waterproofing. Pool floor tarpaulin. Waterproofing installation. Asphalt.

Building facilities such as hot and cold water pipes, package installation, radiator, radiator blowing, pumps repair and installation, engine room maintenance, steam boiler, expansion tank, chiller, gas pipes, air conditioner repair and installation, fan coil service, engine room service.

Building forging such as geometric shapes and forged flower window and metal door build and installation, balcony and window shield, fence staircases, flower basket, gates, parking gate, engine room door, warehouse door, wood and metal door with Finnish stick, anti-explosion door.


Our other services:

Exchange an old door or window by UPVC, security door installation, wooden HDF and MDF doors, W.C and bathroom water proof doors, aluminium doors and windows.

Building’s interior changes, add room, build W.C and bathroom, build warehouse, building office environments interior places movement, commercial and residential.

Interior design, office interior design, building exterior design, commercial and residential interior wallcovering design, garden; villa esc. Fountain design, the area designing, green space design and implementation.


Building painting, oil colored, plastic colored, odorless acrylic oiled colored.

About building reconstruction:

Building aesthetics such as: high glass and MDF wallcovering, floor covering, laminate parquet, knauf, implementation of the contract (knauf), hidden light, false ceiling, Iranian and foreign wallcovering implementation, glass block, light box, sliding the wardrobe doors, exchanging the wardrobe doors and using the MDF and patterned high glass.


Building electricity, building electricity wiring, building lighting, TV iphone installation, jack installation, parking gate remote, door shutter , building electricity repair, switch and socket adding, installation new switch an socket, new low consumption halogen installation like LED and lens.

Good to know that:

Screw and roll plate building exterior stone facade to prevent falling, the roof edge flushing to prevent stone edge falling.

Use the latest method by 3D plan to rebuilding any kind of old buildings before starting the job.

Applying wallcovering including hidden lighting and color in dining room and bed room.

Applying antique stone to make the more beautiful design and make it artificial as you wish.

In order to design applying any kind of parquet, laminate, floor covering


Waterproofing the kitchen floor, W.C and bathroom by using the best material by professional technician.

Ceramic tile installation

Ceramic tile application

Kitchen cobble

Appling cornice by devices

Building painting by use of best colors without dropping on the floor

Cleaning the place every day after job is done

Using patterned and beautiful tiles and ceramics for W.C and bathroom

We design your home in the best way as you want and make your wishes come true by the professional and artificial engineers


Why and how we reconstruct our building?

When the building age goes up, this time passing causes some damages and rottenness in building that included waste water pipes rottenness, ceiling and wall damages, radiator pipes rottenness and floor destruction.bathroom and W.C tiles amorous, wall smudge, old wall cupboards, faucet breaking down, old fashion cabinets, this all makes you start buildings rebuilding.


How we can reconstruct?

How can we do it? In the first step we should visit professional people in this guild and consider that all those people who works together such as electrician, tile installer, painter, installation, blacksmith, builder, civil engineers, interior designers could do their duties or not.

To answer this question you should review their resume, you can obtain your request in their resume.


On the other hand it’s important that how their deal with their customer because they can take customer attention by their behavior.

Project rough price by the customer is very important because they may change some ideas or add or eliminate some of the designs that may raise or reduce the prices, so the price should be rough.


We do the rebuilding and renewing the building by the customer taste and do what the customer want. Before starting the project we check he interior design and layout with the needed exchanges and let the customer know what it would be like at the end.

Behinesaz manufacturing and industries services with more than 40 years experiences insure you that best quality is our main purpose and making the customer satisfaction at the end of the project is our wish.


building reconstruction
building reconstruction


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